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2018 New Training Opportunities

Certified Trainer

Last week, I became a "Contract Seminar Leader," certified to train for Pryor Learning Solutions. I am scheduled to facilitate their public Leadership Skills for Women classes all over Pennsylvania in March, and will be traveling nationwide to instruct many leadership, management and communication classes for Pryor. My passion is being realized -- to help others develop themselves and succeed in their careers, teams, organizations.

I learned a lot about Pryor+ membership that I wish that I had known many years ago -- it is such an affordable training resource with thousands of resources in multiple formats. I have always valued professional training, it is what helped me to grow personally and professionally and advance in my career, even when I did not learn as much as I wanted to from some jobs. A small or no training budget is no longer an obstacle to my constant learning, thanks to Pryor.

Leadership, in my experience, requires constant learning to master. Most leaders that I know, believe that leaders must be "life-long learners" to continue to improve their leadership skills and become better leaders. According to Wikopedia, "Lifelong learning is the 'ongoing, voluntary, and self-motivated' pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons."

Please contact me for more information and guidance in your training needs for yourself and your organization. I can customize training to help you in your life and career and help you market your training accomplishments for career advancement.

#LifeLongLearner #LifeLongLearning

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