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My New Trainer Web Page is Live!

It's my birthday today and I am offering my blog followers a present!

Since moving most of my contract training business online in March, I have been working on a list of e-books from Pryor to help my students find additional learning resources after attending our live online classes in leadership and communications skill development.

Here is my Pryor Trainer web page where anyone can order these professional development e-books. These e-books are a deal because they have an unlimited timeframe to download and share with others! My packs offer the cheapest bulk prices, but you can order memberships (new, renewal and others') and each e-book individually for its discounted list price too.

I hope everyone is staying safe and that this helps you to keep developing your marketable skills for a brighter future! If you would like more reading suggestions, please feel free to ask me.

All the best,



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