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I am back to my blog after a couple of months of huge change in my personal and professional lives. Always a driver to move forward and do better, I listed and sold my house (in one day on the market) to prepare for a needed personal downsize (buying a condo in Downtown Frederick, Maryland) to prepare for multiple contracts of professional work and travel. I hadn't planned to downsize my home so soon (I just turned 46 two weeks ago), but an opportunity of instant equity presented itself, plus my dream to live in my hometown city, so I had to pursue it.

I usually love change, especially for the better, but this was one of the most stressful times of my life. It required alot of work, planning and emotional acceptance -- much like the change that I have managed and promoted in my professional career. It took me a couple of months to do it, but I am happy that I pushed myself into the next chapter of my life, personally and professionally. My husband was a great supporter!

My consulting business is taking off, I have won a contract bid for the National Fire Academy with the Department of Homeland Security to teach Ethical Leadership; the American Management Association is sending me a contract to teach their professional development classes nationally; and Hood College has asked me to become an Adjunct Professor for their MBA program. I am honored and ecstatic to be apart of all of these programs and to help others excel in their careers! It is a good thing that I am an extremely organized person -- I can schedule all of these teaching engagements and still have time for business consulting.

During all of this change in the past two months, I took the time to improve my professional skills and credentials, by completing the International Public Safety Leadership & Ethics Institute (IPSLEI)'s dual-certification class to become a Facilitator of the IPSLEI Leadership Development Programs and Instructor of the Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies Program.

So I think you can understand why I had to take a break from the blog! But I am back and will be writing about leadership, training and development topics. Please let me know what you would like to hear about or if I can assist you in a big change at Contact.

As I am feeling great satisfaction in checking off items on my list of Spring cleaning and home improvement projects, I thought of how frustrating it has felt to not have the time or resources to implement needed change in organizations that I have worked for. Please pass this blog post on to anyone that you know personally and in your company/organization, who could benefit from a contract consultant's help to get a project completed at work.

I am a proven project leader and team facilitator, I can help get a Project:

1) Scope defined,

2) Start planned,

3) Implementation analyzed for improvement,

4) Completed to your satisfaction.

As a Contract Consultant, I offer an affordable and timely option to implementing your branded marketing (digital and print communications), new processes and technology, and training projects. Contact me for a free consultation to discuss how I can help get your projects started this Spring.

Spring Project

Sunday was Mother's Day and today is my mother's birthday, which has me reflecting on what a profound impact my mother has had on my life, my leadership style and my sense of responsibility and commitment toward those who work for and with me. My mother spent most of her 35-year career working for the Federal Government and is now retired. After completing her bachelor's degree at night, while working full-time and raising three kids, she started her master's degree, but quit that program once she achieved a management position because she had obtained her ideal leadership position of a team of professionals. Mom always wanted to be a team leader, she loved working with people, she was energized by the diversity of people, she knew every team member personally, to help them grow in their lives and careers. Any time that I went to work with her, I was told by everyone how lucky I was to have her as my mother.

My mother valued mentoring and viewed it as her responsibility to her team, to help them grow as she had been helped in her career. I have always lead and mentored in the same way in my career, as I saw the difference in a team that supports and grows together is much more enjoyable to work in and more productive. Plus it is rewarding to help others see what they cannot see, to suggest how they can improve themselves and their work -- with a positive and encouraging work dialog, then later witness their growth and gratitude.

Not all leaders value mentoring, as my mother and I have both encountered in our careers. We both have left jobs that we loved after having to deal with managers who didn't care as much about their staff and developing them as they valued numbers and task completion. Ironically, being personally connected with your team and committed to them usually produces a pro-active work environment, increased retention and self-initiated accountability -- which naturally raises team and individual productivity. It takes a leader's personal commitment to mentoring her team to accomplish optimal organizational productivity. Thanks, Mom, for modeling this for me!

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