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How to be an Authentic Leader

My doctoral program (DOL) asks me to think and write about my leadership style, strengths and effectiveness, to determine what makes me the authentic leader that I am. This requires practicing self-awareness and understanding my internal and external motivators -- components of emotional intelligence, according to Daniel Goleman's Harvard Business Review article, "What makes a leader," that I just read in HBR's 10 Must Reads on Leadership, 2011 (HBR-10).

Part of a recent DOL assignment required me to complete the CliftonStrengths survey online to identify my top five strengths as a leader, which are:

1 - I am an Activator who generates enthusiasm in people to transform ideas into tangibles

2 - I am Futuristic in my vision and self-direction, always planning for the future

3 - I thrive on Input, always craving to know more to broaden my knowledge

4 - I am a Strategic thinker who recognizes and communicates patterns in data and information, and

5 - I am an avid Learner who is always acquiring knowledge and challenging myself to understand different perspectives.

This survey suggested that, in the future, I should start a training or consulting business to help others learn -- which I have already done with Rogers Consulting LLC. After completing this survey, I realized that I am being an authentic leader -- true to my strengths, passion and values. I am using my internal and external motivators to do what I love and help others to realize the same leadership characteristics about themselves, as well as, to start working toward achieving their own authentic leadership. I am thankful to train for Pryor Learning Solutions to enable my authentic leadership and help others do the same!

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