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Own Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Communication Style

This month, I trained (new to me) communication classes for Pryor Learning Solutions and I realized that we do not own the good and the bad traits of our personalities when communicating. We understand how we naturally communicate, but we don't realize the differences in others' personalities and communication styles, and we label those who are different than us as "difficult." Most people are not difficult -- we find it difficult to communicate with them because we naturally communicate differently.

Understanding yourself and what makes your personality difficult for others to work with, is the first step in learning to communicate more effectively. Secondly, try to understand others' perspectives in thinking, especially when it is different from your own. Thirdly, when having difficulty communicating and working with someone else, try to communicate in that person's personality style to improve situational understanding and work effectiveness.

It is not easy to change how you communicate or to see a problem situation from someone else's perspective, but it will help you become a more effective communicator. I enjoy helping people own and understand their strengths and learn how to improve upon their weaknesses. I have resources to help, as I am certified in RightPath profile instruction and I will be teaching Pryor's "Communication Skills for Women" in Maryland and Virginia in July -- in my hometown of Frederick on July 9th. Please contact me for more information.

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