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Feedback is Vital for Development


In the leadership and coaching classes that I train for Pryor Learning Solutions, I talk about how feedback is vital in a coaching conversation to develop team members. Both positive and negative feedback help us to capitalize on our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses. For leaders who want to develop their teams, it is important to give feedback that is honest and regular, to build trust individually and as a group.

My team, since starting my business three years ago, are the students in my classes, who are asked to give me feedback at the end of each class on a seminar evaluation form. I always read their feedback to give me ideas on how to improve my training ability and their class experiences. I give feedback to students in class to guide them in developing feedback discussions with their team members that positively-frame problem-solving and individual development of critical thinking skills.

My critical thinking about my training developed when I received feedback last year that I was a skilled trainer, but that there was no big takeaway from my class. This changed how I thought about my role as a trainer to lead my students toward their own development, not just deliver a curriculum. This year my class feedback has improved with students commenting on how many takeaways they have gotten from each class. This makes me proud of my work, knowing that I used negative feedback to improve myself and others.

To continue to embrace feedback for development, I have revised my website contact page to encourage feedback submission, including what you would like to see in my blog posts, so that I can make sure to cover your desired learning topics.

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