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Keep Sharpening Your Tools


I found a couple of open days this month (which are hard to come by with my heavy training and travel schedule), so I decided to take advantage of my Pryor+ membership and attend some professional development classes. My training goal was to improve my training skills and see how other trainers conduct their classes.

I met the wonderful trainer pictured with me above, Lena Brown, at a "Training The Trainer" class in Towson last week. Lena gave me great ideas on how to step-up my visual presentations, group exercises and class activities when I train.

I know that I am an auditory learner, relying heavily on spoken words to grasp concepts, so I tend to train predominantly through verbal communication. Now I have more tools to balance my training with engaging visuals and activities for visual and kinesthetic learners. This training will help me develop my own Collaborative Intelligence, which will enhance my own leadership abilities.

How do you keep sharpening your tools? Reading, taking classes, engaging in new activities, other tools? I'd love to hear about it, please share with me.

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