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Timely Online Courses

Through my business, Rogers Consulting LLC, I am training new and timely online courses for Pryor, including:


Balancing Work & Life in Challenging Times

How to Deliver Online Training

How to Succeed in a Hybrid Workforce

Leading Change in the Workplace

Onboarding Virtual Employees

Presenting to a Virtual Audience


Hiring Practices to Ensure Diversity & Inclusion

Why Diversity Matters and How to Recognize and Overcome Unconscious Bias

Plus, I often train a course a course for Pryor that has been around for a long time and is a great communication skills refresher to take at least once a year, "Dealing with Difficult People."

See my training calendar for dates and times. I train in Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones for Pryor. If you are planning on taking more than one class, get the Pryor+ training membership for unlimited classes and online learning tools for a whole year before registering for a class. Hope to "see" you online!


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