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Are your team meetings stagnant? Meeting Facilitation & Coaching can help!

I recently facilitated a multiple fire department team meeting. The team had MANY items that they wanted to cooperate on to produce cost-savings for their communities, but the monthly team meetings were not moving toward accomplishing their goals. It was time for a team review to align their collective intention by defining their mission, specific goals and objectives with completion timelines. Since they had so many items that they wanted to accomplish, I helped them prioritize and organize subgroups to work on projects in between their monthly meetings.

If your team is not accomplishing your team goals, take a regularly-scheduled meeting to review the following:

1 - Is every team member committed to the team and its goals?

2 - What are the team's goals (long-term and short-term)? Are individual goals different?

3 - How am I contributing to the team's success? What can I improve or change in myself?

4 - What has worked for the team in the past?

If your team is having trouble communicating effectively, an unbiased third-party facilitator, like myself, can help keep the conversation honest and productive. Please contact Rogers Consulting at to discuss your organizational needs and develop customized training or coaching for your team to reach its best potential.

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