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Partnering to Help Your Business

Whether you are a small business owner, such as myself, or an executive in a large organization, you can tap into the expertise and experience of others to help your business. You can hire a consultant for a short-term contract for a specific project that you haven't been able to implement successfully, or you can develop long-term business relationships to tap into and partner with to enhance your business offering.

I recently developed a partnership with RightPath Resources, Inc. to compete for a large federal government contract. I am getting staff and curriculum that I don't yet have in my start-up and they are getting access to business that they would not normally be able to compete in. Our partnership is a good fit to help us grow our businesses, to develop professionally and to do the type of work that we enjoy.

This idea did not come quickly or lightly, we have worked together on my professional development, I experienced their business as a client. Jerry Mabe, CEO and Trainer at RightPath, helped me to understand my unique leadership strengths and weaknesses through their online Path 4 and 6 assessments in the Goodwill International HELM Senior Leadership Program. Their program is well-developed, very organized and facilitated by a certified RightPath coach. See their website at

Are you struggling to get a project or change implemented in your organization? Contact me to discuss it, maybe we can partner or give each other ideas.

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