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Team Development in an Escape Room

Team Development

Some of you may ask -- what is an escape room? They are the latest in entertainment businesses in which a group of people are given a time frame to figure out enough clues to escape out of a fun adventure-themed room. Don't worry, you are not locked in, you can leave at any time, but you'll want to stay to finish the puzzles and earn your escape with your team.

The key to completing the tasks in time is to communicate often on clues that you see and ideas that you have on how to solve the puzzles with your group. Effective communication is crucial for productive team interaction in businesses and organizations, as well as, escape rooms!

I will begin corporate training for Enter, Exit, Escape in September to help organizations develop team communication and understanding, as well as, to enhance self-learning and team interaction to work more productively together. This corporate training is customized to each organization's needs. Please contact me to learn more.

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