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Developing Individuals, Leaders & Teams

Last week I became certified as a RightPath Facilitator in Atlanta, Georgia. After learning my own RightPath profiles and completing senior leadership training a few years ago, I realized my own strengths and struggles based on my hard-wired behaviors, as well as, my passion to help others understand theirs to utilize their strengths, work on their struggles and follow their passion. I founded Rogers Consulting to give customized training and consulting to individuals and their organizations, to help them improve themselves as leaders and team members, which helps organizations flourish through understanding and developing their people.

RightPath Resources has developed online behavior profiles, Path4 and Path6 (validated with academic research by the University of Georgia), and facilitator training to train in their effective use in leadership development, team-building and effective hiring to match people to jobs that capitalize on their strengths. I can create a customized training session by signing up individuals to complete the online profiles before meeting as a team, then organizing a training session that explains the individual profiles and relates different profiles in your organi