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Never Stop Having Life Goals

Leadership Learning

Last year, as I was starting to achieve success at owning my own business by doing what I love, I thought that I had reached my ultimate life goal and would be happy for the rest of my life doing what I do now -- traveling to new places to train and helping others achieve their life goals.

I have always been a strong proponent for continuing education and development, via college and professional training classes, but I learned something knew about myself from my students this year -- that I wasn't done learning and growing professionally. Often in my classes, when I ask why students are attending the class, they say that they were told to attend, or that they want to learn how to develop a specific skill, or that they want to be prepared for the next phase of their career. The last reason intrigued me to challenge myself.

This year, I decided that I want to expand my knowledge and research ability in leadership studies to add value to the professional classes that I teach for my business, Rogers Consulting LLC, as well as, to enable my future career goals, whatever they may turn out to be.

I researched which colleges offer a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership degree, and I found that Hood College, in my hometown and where I currently live, offers exactly the program that I want. I applied and found out last week that I have been accepted into the 3rd cohort starting this Fall, finishing in 2021. To make such a commitment -- being in class just about every Saturday for the next three years, as well as, doing significant class and research work -- it had to mean something to me that was more than just a title at the end. I am preparing for my future, maybe authoring books on Women in Leadership, maybe starting a non-profit, maybe teaching at a college full-time, or maybe all of these! Regardless, I am preparing myself for my future, to have choices and skills that I can continue to grow on.

I see many students in my classes that feel stuck in their current jobs, unable to see where their future will take them. I hope that I instill in them that they decide where they will be in the future, not the reverse, and that additional training and skill development is preparing them to achieve their goals, whatever they want them to be. Thank you to all of my students who inspire me to continue to grow and redefine my life goals -- please contact me with your thoughts on this topic!

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